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Fortifying Skin & Bone

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Wellness After 40

What's Included?

When you reach the age of 40, both your skin and bones undergo significant changes. Factors such as hormones, genetics, medications, and age-related bone and muscle loss can impact your skin and bone condition. Regardless of whether your bones were initially dense or light, they begin to lose mass over time. This decline in bone production is attributed to shifts in hormone balance, where the body produces less estrogen and testosterone, crucial for maintaining the strength and density of bones, skin, and muscles. As you pass the age of 40, it becomes essential to prioritize strategies that support the healthy production of new bone cells. Our workshop offers insights into navigating the challenges unique to this phase of life, empowering you to cultivate sustainable health practices. Embracing holistic wellness should be your new focus, marking the beginning of a new era of well-being. SCHEDULE : 8TH - 11TH MAY : 4 DAYS 90 MINS/SESSION 5:30PM BST / 10:00PM IST / 6:30PM CEST / 12:30PM EST Day 1: Introduction: Understand Life stages - Understanding Ayurvedic perspective - Need of Healthy Kapha - Meditation for Grounding and Calming Vata Day 2: Stress-Hormones-Skin & Bone Health Triangle - Understanding the Triangle - Strategies to Break the Triangle - Yoga for Joint Strengthening Day 3: Skincare Routine and Yoga for Skin - Skincare Routine - Massage Points for Skin Health - Face Yoga Day 4: Importance of Nutrition For Skin and Bone - Understand the role of nutrition in supporting skin and bone health - Yoga For movement and mobility Please note : All the details of the masterclass will be emailed to you, post your registration.

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