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Does your wellness program have personalised solutions for women's unique health needs? 

Not all women want to talk about health issues, like menopause, in the workplace. At their workplace, they face a stigma that their peers do not understand women-specific issues, many problems differ from woman to woman thus not many accept or talk about it.


The fear of being 'judged' is higher during a group seminar or a group wellness program.


In a world brimming with diverse lifestyles and aspirations, a one-size-fits-all approach falls short, Thus Individualistic wellness programs needs to be a core function in your organisation.


79% women cite working during menopause to be challenging; only 8% report feeling very prepared and informed for their overall menopause experience

Our Services



Personalised Wellness Program

We support your employees through wellness regime that empowers them to become active part of their health journey without making it overwhelming. 


We offer digital personalised wellness plans to optimise diet, sleep, exercise and mental health based on life stage of each employee. 


 At Work Wellness

We introduce your organisation to preventive care and healthy way of living with an immersive experience of ‘FemVed Wellness Routine’. Live sessions with our experts, in your campus.

We collaborate with your HR team to create a customised live session for your organisation. 



Gone are the days of generic wellness strategies!

We create empathetic events, webinars, meet-ups, etc to help women in your organisation to cope with everyday life, situations, and stressors. A safe space that will keep them motivated and encouraged hence strengthening their path to wellness.

To redefine workspace for women we need to create work - life - health balance!


Focus On Prevention

We believe corporate wellness program should focus on proactive health which will further empower productivity as well as growth.


Build Safe Space

We have created a space for women by women and of women.


To Be Holistic

Wellness at & beyond workspace. Our focus is on overall health as well as life changes. 

Collaborate With Us

Easy and accessible holistic wellness plan, seamlessly integrated with personal consultancy by experts and access to an empathetic support by a like-minded community.

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