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Holistic Wellness Platform for Women

Easy holistic wellness plan, seamlessly integrated with personal consultancy by experts and access to an empathetic support by a like-minded community.

We believe that every woman is unique and needs a tailor-made, holistic wellness solution

Watch the video to know
our process

From Menstruation To Menopause

The focus is on ‘you’, your body type, your health issues, your lifestyle and your comfort. A wellness plan that is accessible from the comfort of your home.

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Inclusive of all life stages

Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Professional Experts

Available at a Click of a Button

How Does Femved Wellness Makes An Impact In Your Life

Femved is creating an ecosystem of holistic and sustainable living, by revolutionising the way women priorities their health.

Hormone & Cycle Syncing


Reduces stress levels 


3 Months

A dedicated three months health journey from basic to advance level without any break.

1 Month

A basic monthly plan that and can be updated every month based on improvement in your health.

Choose The Membership That Fits You Best

Access to credible solutions from accredited experts and resources

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