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Feminine Wellness Trinity

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Exploring Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition for Women's Health Vitality

What's Included?

When we mold ourselves to fit societal norms or others' expectations, we can lose sight of our own well-being and the essence of being a woman. It's a journey fraught with challenges, often leaving us feeling disconnected from our own health and vitality. Delve into the profound understanding that men's and women's bodies are fundamentally programmed differently from conception itself. As the Institute of Medicine highlights, "every cell has a sex," and these inherent differences profoundly shape all aspects of our physiology, from tissues and organs to bodily functions. Recognizing and harnessing these differences is pivotal in disease prevention, diagnoses, and treatments, paving the way for optimized health outcomes. The masterclass will focus on the triangle of holistic life: Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition, guiding you towards optimal well-being Understand that neglecting any aspect of this triad can lead to imbalances that jeopardize overall well-being. Through guided instruction and step-by-step guidance, learn to nourish every dimension of yourself, fostering equilibrium that radiates throughout your life. SCHEDULE 2 DAYS MASTERCLASS 75 MINUTES/PER SESSION 20TH AND 21ST MAY 05:00 PM BST, 12:00pm EST, 9:30PM IST MASTERCLASS DETAILS: Day 1 - Monday Session 1: Empower Your Mind: The Key to Holistic Health Unveiling the profound link between mindset and holistic well-being. Illustrating how mindset influences physical, mental, and emotional health. 1. Mindset Mastery 2. Overcoming Inner Obstacles 3. Practical Mindset Exercises Session 2: Nourish Your Being: Nutrition for Radiant Health Understanding the pivotal role of nutrition in women's health. 1. The importance of nutrition for women's health 2. Nutritional needs of women in their 20s and 30s 3. Tips for creating a balanced and nutritious diet Day 2 - Tuesday Session 3: Flow with Grace: Elevate Your Movement Exploring the holistic benefits of regular exercise. Advocating for enjoyable and sustainable activity choices. 1. Physical Well-being 2. Optimal Exercise Mix 3. Triumph Over Challenges Session 4: Harmonize Your Lifestyle: Thrive in Balance Identifying healthy habits to adopt and detrimental ones to avoid. 1. Lifestyle Foundations 2. Stress Management & Balance 3. Sleep & Self Care tips

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