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Balancing Health And Life Transition

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For women at every life stage

What's Included?

We, Women are often so focused on taking care of others that they forget to prioritise their health. while this is admirable, it can come at a cost to their well-being. Women often juggle multiple responsibilities, leaving little time for self-care. With age comes wisdom, and there's nothing wiser than prioritising your health. However, we understand that many women find themselves juggling careers, pregnancies, children, and marriages, often placing their personal health concerns on the back burner. But let's change that narrative. In this workshop we will explore the Ayurvedic principles that support Women's Health. We will also understand the transition phase into Menopause from the Ayurvedic perspective. The presented practices, concepts and regiments will encourage a more balanced transition through your life stages. Learn many practical ways that Ayurveda can help improve your while focusing on the following: -Choosing appropriate nutrition and strengthening the digestive system. -Tools for improving the quality of sleep. -Adopting natural tools and therapies for managing Menopause. -Practising periodic cleansing of the body followed by rejuvenation therapies. -Tools for balancing mental health. Duration : 1day workshop : 3 hrs with a break Date : 9th June 2024 Schedule : 9:30 am BST MASTERCLASS DETAILS: 1) Understanding Women's Health: Explore the intricacies of women's health through the lens of Ayurveda, delving into its timeless wisdom and holistic approach towards well-being. 2) Balancing Hormones Naturally: Learn ancient Ayurvedic techniques and remedies to harmonise hormonal imbalances and promote emotional and physical equilibrium. 3) Nutrition and Nourishment: Discover the power of Ayurvedic nutrition tailored specifically for women, emphasising the importance of wholesome foods and mindful eating practices. 4) Stress Management and Relaxation: Uncover effective Ayurvedic methods to alleviate stress and cultivate inner peace, empowering women to thrive amidst life's challenges. 5) Interactive Sessions and Q&A: Engage in interactive discussions and participate in a lively Q&A session with our experienced Ayurvedic practitioner, offering personalised insights and guidance. Please note users from UK, USA, EUROPE, please click on manual payment and use payment link to make transactions.

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