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 Preventive Care & Wellness Platform for Women

Easy ayurvedic and holistic wellness plan, seamlessly integrated with personal consultancy by experts and access to an empathetic support by a like-minded community. 

We believe that every woman is unique and needs a tailor-made, holistic wellness solution

20% of women complain about restricted daily activity

68% of working women are affected by lifestyle ailments

More than 90% women have gynaecological issues during their lifetime

1 in 4 women face anxiety and depression

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When everything seems difficult and overwhelming, when all solutions seem complicated,

we are dedicated to curating a holistic routine designed just for you

and actively support you throughout your journey. 

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Take control of your health from the comfort of your home


The first step towards better health is to understand the nature of your body, what is working for you and what is not!

Our Ayurvedic experts will analyse your medical reports, lifestyle and medical history.

The focus is on your life stage, physiological, psychological and period cycles.


Personalised Health Regime

We know managing a wellness regime can be very overwhelming, however, we have got you covered. 


Our team will curate an easy wellness regime comprising of nutrition, meditation and yoga exclusive of any medicinal prescription based on your diagnosis. 


To keep you motivated your dedicated expert will connect with you every fortnightly, to discuss the progress.

Access to Resources

We are aware that you have a busy schedule, so managing it all can be difficult.

Thus, we give you access to resources, like, recipes and places near you to find that 'papaya' mentioned in your daily regime.

Also, get access to theories on Ayurveda for enhancing your Femved health regime.


Femved is not a cleanse, it is a wellness plan

We aim at making Ayurveda simpler and more accessible to you.  Ayurveda is not a simple rejuvenation or a cleanse, it is about

mastering the art of life and longevity. We bring to you the best of sustainable wellness, all in one place.​

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Designed Just For You

Inclusive for all

life stages

We are focused on health & gynaecological issues from menstrual care to menopause, everything between and beyond. 

Holistic and accessible

The focus is on ‘you’, your body type, your health issues and your health regime from the comfort of your home.


and supportive

Access to credible solutions from accredited doctors and resources.

Insightful and motivating

Access to insights and tracking features for actionable upgrades and changes.


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